Legal advice on

Real Estate

Comprising, among others, the following activities

  • Studies of legal titles of land
  • Legal structuring of developments for housing (including affordable and luxury), commercial, office, mixed-use and tourism projects.
  • Structuring and negotiation of land acquisitions, joint ventures and partnerships.
  • Matters relating to condominiums, commercial leasing and retail
  • Management associated with the development and construction of infrastructure projects (roads, ports, etc) and the mining and energy sector.
  • On taxation issues the firm gives advice on property tax, valuation and capital gains tax.

Legal advice on

Land use & development

The firm practice is focused among others on the following

  • Counselling regarding different approvals in urban planning (zoning plans, partial plans, rural planning units, etc) from municipalities.
  • Urbanistic Studio (Due Diligence): It aims to establish planning regulations (use, treatment, constructability) and environmental requirements for a given property (s) and, if necessary, the level of fulfillment of a certain building of applicable urban standards. In the case of lots of land, the Urban Study determines allowable uses for the property, ie what can be built, under what conditions and in which dimensions
  • Advice and support before and during the process of obtaining licences like sub-division and building permits.
  • Legal advice on administrative procedures before municipalities in zoning, development and planning matters.
  • Administrative litigation of land use character and administrative actions initiated as a result of urban regulations breaching and takings litigation.

Legal advice on

Enviromental law

We operate in the following matters

  • Procedure and obtaining of environmental permits and licences with the relevant authorities, as water concessions, permits discharges.
  • Environmental aspects in urban planning permitting process (land management plans, etc).
  • The firm provides legal assistance in investigations and litigation for contravention of environmental regulations.